profile pictureMany often ask “Does SeroVital work?” This may be due to the fact it is often marketed as an anti-aging product that could increase the ever useful human growth hormone (HGH) levels in your body. Everyone would want to get rid of their wrinkles, age spots, and other signs of aging.

SeroVital does not only guarantee wrinkle removal or skin tightening, but reduced body fat, enhanced mood, lean muscle mass, and increased sexual stamina among others. However, not all supplements around are safe to use.

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Before you even jump into a decision and purchase the product, it is better to determine if it really works. Otherwise, you will never know if you are risking yourself to serious complications in the future.

Oral Liquid Formulation

According to SeroVital reviews, the anti-aging solution contains a mixture of amino acids that will make your dream of fighting age-related signs a reality. The developer of the product claims that its blend will promote the production of HGH in the body, resulting to significant changes apart from looking younger. Included in the mixture are N-acetyl-l-cyteine, L-lysine HCl, oxo-proline, L-arginine HCl, schizonepeta, and L-glutamine.

Injection Alternative

serovital hghThe manufacturer of the product claims that the only way that the levels of HGH in your body can increase is through the intravenous method. Nonetheless, they found a way to generate an oral solution as an alternative after three decades. This is a doubtful claim, especially now that it is not often that you could find tablets, capsules, or any oral solution that are equally effective as injections.

SeroVital HGH reviews are contradicting the studies done by experts. You can find a lot of creams, pills, sprays, and elixirs that promise the anti-aging miracle. You have to understand that the hormone is a large-sized polypeptide hormone. It is a carefully maintained sequence of 191 amino acids that are structured in three dimensions. If you want to assemble HGH or product in any manner, the utilization of recombinant DNA must be done with the assistance of tracked, precise, and careful methods.

You should be informed that animal sources are not proven to be working on people. Moreover, there is no specific plant source of HGH. Besides, you will not find any FDA-proven studies that portray the effectiveness of using spray or oral solutions to increase HGH.

Since SeroVital is somehow an over-the-counter (OTC) solution, it would still be stored in an uncontrolled area of varying temperature. HGH is a very sensitive molecule, and changes in the environment could reduce much of its value. Thus, you cannot guarantee that the product will provide you the sufficient amount of hormones, as claimed.

Clinically Researched Product

Answering the question “Does SeroVital work?” is difficult if there are no supporting documents from approved researched and licensed physicians. In this aspect, SeroVital somehow testified that it could present studies that verify the effectiveness of its formula. As claimed, the oral solution will increase your HGH levels by 682 percent on the average. This is highly backed by a researched entitled “Elevated Growth Hormone 120 Minutes Following a Single Low-Dose of Amino Acids in Healthy Subjects”.

The study is a randomized research involving 16 healthy subjects. Some were given a serum growth hormone in a certain quantity in 15, 30, 60, 90, and 120 minutes after taking the blend of the product. The others were provided with a placebo.

The results indicated that the growth hormone levels of those who took the oral solution are eight times greater than those who had placebo. The conclusion of the developer is that a single dose of the supplement can heighten the HGH in the body after two hours in both healthy men and women.

The research released by the manufacturer of the oral solution seems to be contradicting to the claims of the medical community. You will not see any link online pertaining to the effectiveness of an ingested solution. Even the Federal Trade Commission reiterated that there is no sufficient proof that natural supplements for HGH have the same effects as injections.

No matter how generous the SeroVital reviews to disclose the ingredients of the product, WebMD did not support the effectiveness or link amino acids to HGH levels either.

Besides, the developer of the product claimed that their study was included in the episode of Dr. Oz show on October 28, 2012, entitled “Supercharge Your Body with Human Growth Hormone”. If you will only check any source of the episode, you will not see or even hear about the supplement or the manufacturer. It was explained by the trusted doctor that boosting HGH could be done with lysine, glycine, arginine, and ornithine. Unfortunately, none of these is included in the product.

Features and Specifications

As claimed by the SeroVital reviews, the product will bring back your youthful glow by targeting HGH, which is the true and natural fountain of youth. You can purchase the product in full one month supply. Besides the claims of the manufacturer, the following are the other features of the product as included in the SeroVital HGH reviews:

Filled With Amino Acids. The liquid concentrate is filled with amino acids that are advertised as the keys to higher human growth hormones. Nonetheless, until now, there is no expert claim that the compounds in the product could indeed increase HGH.

Infused With HGH Power. The product claims to bring back your youthful appearance and reverse your aging by increasing HGH. According to studies, HGH is the key to better muscle growth, body fluids production, cardiovascular system, and fat conversion among others. The question is if oral solutions are working and safe, why tons of people would still prefer to visit their physician for HGH injections?

No Side Effect Formula. If you will evaluate the composition of the product, you can conclude that there will be no side effects since only amino acids are present. However, each of the compounds may have their set of complications to bring. For instance, L-arginine is reported to be causing low blood pressure, allergic reactions, inflammation, and asthma issues. Moreover, n-acetyl-l-cysteine was also reported linked to liver issues, rashes, low blood pressure, and headache.

Reviews and Ratings From Previous Customers

Editor’s rating for the product is 5.8 out of 10.

If real customers are to be asked regarding the effectiveness of the product, the reviews can confirm that there is uncertainty behind the solution’s efficacy. Others claimed that it could be dangerous after consulting their physicians. The rest even reported that no difference was seen after taking the supplement for a month.

Things to Improve

Apparently, the product has a lot of things to improve. Specifically, the manufacturer should first avoid releasing claims that are not even supported by verified medical community. Moreover, the price of the solution is way too high for an oral supplement. The developer should not take advantage of the customary that HGH treatment is pricey.


In case your eyes were opened by the reviews provided, but still, need anti-aging and vitality support, you should settle with VigRX Plus. The product has been known for amazingly increasing a man’s erection quality and sexual performance without compromising your health.