Spanish Fly History

all spanish fly productsThere are many factors that influence our libido, and the pressures of modern day living are doing us no favours in this respect. The stress we live under not only affects our health but can have a damaging effect on our sex drive.

It is no wonder that a growing number of people today are looking for ways to increase their desire and enrich their pleasure. They are not the first. Throughout history, men and women have sought to enhance their sensual enjoyment with the aid of aphrodisiacs. Ranked high among love potions is the legendary Spanish Fly, celebrated in films, novels and music.



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A long time ago, an observant individual must have noticed a beetle exuding a white substance as part of its mating ritual. The greater the secretion, the more successful the male was in attracting females. Later, a concoction made from the crushed bodies of this type of beetle was used to get obstinate farm animals to copulate. Not wanting to miss a good thing, someone tried it on the ladies. The results appeared positive, and the legend was born.

Spanish Fly is not a fly at all but the common name for the beetle that produces the secretion. Officially known as Lytta vesicatoria, and found throughout southern Europe, this small metallic-green bug is a member of the blister beetle family. Spanish Fly is made from the crushed bodies of these little beetles. The beetle parts themselves contain no value, except for the cantharidin produced by the male beetles.

In Roman times, Livia, the wife of Emperor Augustus Caesar, was reported to have used Spanish Fly at parties. Since then this concoction has gained a reputation as a libido enhancer for both men and women. In the eighteenth century, it became very popular in France and England.

Its popularity grew despite one of its more unfortunate side effects: it often killed the user. There were many fatalities in Europe during its heyday and the Marquis de Sade was found guilty of the attempted murder of two ladies to whom he secretly fed the drug. In 1954, Arthur Kendrick Ford was imprisoned in the UK for inadvertently killing the object of his desire with the main ingredient of Spanish Fly, cantharidin.

Due to its dangerous properties, Spanish Fly is now banned in most western countries, which has only served to boost its notoriety and sales.

Originally, it was rubbed on the groom’s genitalia on his wedding night. Due to the curious numbing effect of the chemical, the happy newlywed found his endurance was greatly enhanced, to the delight of himself and his bride.

As time passed, the use of the famous aphrodisiac changed from being applied externally to being taken orally in liquid form by both sexes. As the death toll rose, the famous became the infamous.

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How Does Spanish Fly Actually Work?

There is no doubt that Spanish Fly can have profound effects on the user’s body. Whether these effects are desirable is up to the individual, but knowing how it works may help with the decision.

Being produced by a blister beetle, it will come as no surprise that cantharidin, the active ingredient in Spanish Fly, is a potent blistering agent. The potion works by irritating the user’s body, particularly the urogenital tract, often causing a rush of blood to the genital region. According to its devotees, erections become more sustained and the clitoris more sensitive.

While this result may be true for some people, the reality is that the blistering agent is causing damage as it passes through the user’s body. In very mild doses, this irritation can be misinterpreted as erotic stimulation.

Spanish Fly Ingredients

spanish fly drugThe male Spanish Fly beetle secretes the active element of the aphrodisiac, cantharidin, prior to mating. He rolls the white secretion into a ball and passes it to the female during copulation. The female later daubs her eggs with the ‘nuptial gift’, providing them with an amazing chemical defence because of the cantharidin.

How strong is this defensive compound?  The effectiveness of cantharidin becomes apparent when watching birds rub the bodies of dead male beetles around their nests to stop squirrels causing them trouble.

Extra ingredients may be added to differentiate the varieties of Spanish Fly but all the authentic brands contain cantharidin.

To by-pass the bans, some modern brands of Spanish Fly replace cantharidin with other compounds. They may be safer but they are also ineffective.

Are You Really Safe Taking Spanish Fly?

spanish fly dangersAnything that works by causing blisters and internal inflammation can hardly be called ‘safe’. Those that claim Spanish Fly is safe are using extremely small doses.

When it was applied externally to the genitals, the worst that might happen was a rash of painful blisters on parts best left unblistered. After a while the pain and the sores disappeared. Today, Spanish Fly is taken internally, resulting in more serious side-effects.

If you annoy a blister beetle walking on your skin, you will probably experience unpleasant chemical burns and nasty blisters. Imagine that same damage happening inside you!

Taken internally, in very small doses, you may be fortunate enough to suffer no pain or obvious signs of damage. A slightly higher dose can cause stomach ache and painful engorgement of the genital region. In larger doses, serious internal complications may occur, including kidney damage and organ failure. Death is regularly reported from overdosing, which can be remarkably small amounts.

Spanish Fly is an illegal substance, meaning that quality control will be dubious and unreliable at best. Can you be sure of the stated strength of its ingredients or of the correct dosage?

Cantharidin poisoning can be a serious problem for horse veterinarians in areas where the small green beetles are common. If horses accidentally ingest the beetles as they forage for grass, they can suffer the same internal blistering as humans, leading to death.

It is possible to obtain the chemical compound cantharidin legally in countries where it is used as an external treatment for warts and verrucas. The liquid is painted on the offending wart, causing a blister which removes the growth.

Can a blistering chemical used to burn off warts and that can kill horses be safely taken as an aphrodisiac? You must be the judge of that.

Spanish Gold Fly

spanish gold flySpanish Gold Fly
is basically a refined version of traditional Spanish Fly, but made without the hit and miss method of grinding up the bodies of the beetles to extract the chemical. It is prepared in clean pharmaceutical laboratories and is now described as an herbal treatment. But it still relies on cantharidin for its effectiveness.

Reviewers may minimize the side effects but they still describe symptoms of sweating, mild genital irritation and bloody discharges. Even refined, using modern processes, it still bears all the trademarks and risks of the blister beetles’ defensive chemical.

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New Spanish Fly or Spanish Fly Pro

New Spanish Fly or Spanish Fly Pro are newer products, developed to avoid the legal complications associated with a banned ingredient. They are based exclusively on herbal extracts and the manufacturers hope that the lack of cantharidin will appeal to a more safety conscious public.

Aimed at women, unlike their nominal predecessor which could be taken by either sex, these herbal products have passed the tests of several health safety authorities.

spanish fly proTo maximize their sales and marketing, the suppliers decided to continue using variations of the famous Spanish Fly name, despite their potion having no link to the traditional recipe. This branding trick appears to have backfired, with confusion existing between these herbal products and the conventional Spanish Fly. Some reviewers have started writing about Spanish Fly Pro but ended up warning of the side effects of cantharidin blistering, even though cantharidin is no longer part of the concoction.

New Spanish Fly or Spanish Fly Pro are reportedly safe to use, with no side effects. Several reviewers have indicated they kinda work, but the products’ association with the name Spanish Fly is a two-edged sword. Due to the confusion, it can be difficult to be sure what type of Spanish Fly is being discussed.

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The Drops increase vaginal lubrication, improve blood flow to the genitals and enhance stimulation. They safely pass through the lady’s body with no ill-effects. By using Germany Sex Drops, women can now enjoy the benefits and joys of a safe aphrodisiac.

Although the Drops are tasteless, it is suggested that they are diluted with a drink. Simply mix 5 drops in a beverage, such as fruit juice, coffee, tea or wine. The effects are felt within 30 minutes.

Unlike copycat Spanish Fly products, Germany Sex Drops are effective, completely safe and affordable.

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