Top 5 Anti-Acne Treatments In 2024: The Best Acne Products For You

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve been suffering from acne or struggled with it at some point in your life. Whether you have mild, moderate or severe acne, it can have a negative impact on your overall life. It can be really hard to know what the best acne products out there will suit you.

Acne can affect one’s self-confidence. It can really hold people back, especially those who are already naturally self-conscious.

There are literally thousands of acne treatments out there. Thus, it can be extremely overwhelming for you to figure out what the best acne products and worst ones are. 

Some acne treatments work wonders, while others are literally scams.

In this review, we’ve narrowed down the list of today’s best acne products that will help you get the clear skin you’ve been wishing for.


How Do The Best Acne Products Work?

Even though there are many kinds of acne treatments, they all work in a similar manner. All of the best acne products contain specific ingredients that are meant to fight acne and kill bacteria.

There are four main acne-fighting ingredients that are found in most acne treatments. Here are the four ingredients along with what they do.

All of the best acne products that we’ve included in this review contain these ingredients. 

Benzoyl Peroxide – This ingredient kills off bacteria that causes acne. It also works to remove excess oil from your skin. Additionally, it removes dead skin cells which have been known to clog pores.

Salicylic Acid – Salicylic Acid works to prevent the pores on your face from getting clogged.

Alpha hydroxy acids – There are two main types of alpha hydroxy acids that are used in acne products (non-prescription ones). These are glycol acid and lactic acid. Both are synthetic versions of acids that come from fruit with a high sugar content. They treat acne by removing dead skin cells from your face and reducing any inflammation. They also stimulate the growth of new and smooth skin.

Sulfur – The final ingredient that is found in many acne treatments is sulfur. It is another ingredient that removes dead skin cells, and it also helps to remove any excess oil from your face. Sulfur is typically used in combination with the above ingredients to get better results.

Why Use Anti-Acne Treatments?

Many people are against the use of acne treatments. This could be for a variety of reasons.

Some believe that only natural products should be used on the face. Others believe that acne will naturally go away with regular washing and cleansing of the face.

Some people even think that one shouldn’t use acne treatments because acne is a part of life and we should embrace it.

When it comes down to it, acne can really ruin someone’s life and it’s a personal decision whether you wish to treat it or not. Here are some reasons why people decide to use acne treatments:

  • To remove dead skin cells
  • To remove excess oil from their skin
  • For healthier skin
  • To keep their skin clean
  • To prevent dirt from forming on the face
  • For glowing skin
  • To kill harmful bacteria
  • Self-confidence
  • To treat acne scars
  • To remove blackheads

How To Choose The Best Acne Products

With so many acne treatments out there, it can be really challenging to choose the perfect one for yourself. Here are some things to consider when you are deciding what product to buy.

  • Your Skin Type. Before you start looking into acne treatments, you need to figure out what type of skin you have. Dry skin? Combination skin? Oily skin? This will help you narrow down the acne treatments to one that is specifically made for your type of skin.
  • Your Level of Skin Sensitivity. Do you have really sensitive skin that reacts to products often, or do harsher ingredients not affect your skin? This can be the difference between having to choose a treatment with only natural ingredients compared to one that contains some acne-fighting synthetic ingredients.
  • Results that others have achieved. One of the easiest ways to determine whether or not a treatment will work for you is to read customer reviews! Before and after photos are a bonus. Companies that provide reviews (even negative) and photos are confident in their products, which is always a good thing.

While there are plenty of acne treatments available on the market today, we’ve narrowed down the list of the best acne products that you can choose from. Check out our best reviewed acne fighting products below.

1. Acnezine

Acnezine is a unique, two-step skin management and treatment system. It is made up of a nutritional supplement and a cream. It tops our list of the best acne products out there. 

This acne treatment was designed to eliminate current acne by drying out the oils and clearing the skin.

On top of that, it also makes the risk of future breakouts less likely because it provides your body with many of the essential nutrients it needs to fight and prevent acne.

Whether you are a teenager dealing with mild acne or an adult suffering from more extreme types of acne, this product is the perfect solution to almost any acne problems you may be having.



  • A unique two-step program unlike anything else on the market
  • Great reviews
  • Eliminates acne with a cream, while building up the body’s ability to fight off and block future breakouts from occurring with nutritional supplements.
  • Vegetarian-friendly
  • Full of natural ingredients and essential vitamins such as B12, Aloe Vera, Vitamin C, E, and Curcumin.
  • Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory
  • The active ingredient is benzoyl peroxide, a standard in any acne fighting product.
  • The company is very transparent in listing the exact amounts of each ingredient.
  • Dermatologist tested and approved
  • Money back guarantee


  • Potential side effects such as dry skin
  • Can only be purchased online

This acne treatment comes with little concern. However, the one negative aspect of this acne treatment is the potential side effects.

While these side effects are just as common in any other acne treatment, it is still important to be aware of the risks even if they are slim.

One of the main side effects that could be experienced is dry skin as the product dries out the oils to eliminate the acne.

However, if you follow the instructions as directed and use the exact recommended dosage you shouldn’t experience any problems.

If you suffer from sensitive skin, have any current medical conditions or are pregnant, you should always consult a doctor before using this or any other acne treatment product.

2. Keeva Acne Cream

Keeva Acne Cream is an all natural and fast acting acne fighting cream. One of the most appealing parts of this acne treatment is that it was designed to treat many types of acne — from mild to severe, from hormonal to cystic.

It can also be used as a spot treatment for those small and random outbreaks as well as scars caused by previous acne and treatments.

The acne cream uses cleansing and antibacterial ingredients such as tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has been used for years as a skin care and cleansing ingredient due to its gentle and natural properties but bacteria fighting abilities.

Once you have applied this product to your problem areas, the oil will absorb into the skin where the active ingredients can start to kill and cleanse out all of the bacteria and hopefully kill all of that acne.

Keeva Acne Cream


  • It comes with a 100-day full money back guarantee
  • The treatment is made up entirely of natural ingredients
  • It is not tested on animals and therefore appeals to a larger audience
  • The product is vegan and vegetarian-friendly
  • It comes with little to no side effects
  • Most of the reviews are overwhelmingly positive
  • The company promises to price match to ensure customers get the best price available


  • Tea tree oil can cause skin irritation in some people

As with any skincare product, there is the risk of side effects. Many believe that just because a product is natural that means it is safe. Yet, that isn’t always the case. Natural products are always going to be better for your skin than products that are packed full of chemicals.

Certain side effects still need to be discussed even if they are mild. The main active ingredient in this product is tea tree oil, and it has been known to cause skin irritation in large amounts over the long term.

However, just because these side effects are a risk does not mean that you will experience them as everyone reacts to different ingredients in their own way.

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, suffer from skin sensitivities or are allergic to grapes, you should discuss the use of this product with a doctor before buying it.

3. Differin Gel

Differin Gel is one of the best acne products on the market. It is a very unique and powerful over-the-counter acne treatment. 

Not only is it FDA approved, but the active ingredient used in the product has the acne-fighting power of a prescription acne fighting gel.

What makes this gel so unique is that it contains a reined called adapalene instead of salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide (which are the most commonly used ingredients in acne fighting systems).

Adapalene is considered an anti-inflammatory which helps reduce the visibility of pimples and redness.

However, it doesn’t just make your skin look better. It also targets the source of the acne to ensure that it is gone on a cellular level.

Once the gel is absorbed into the skin, the retinoid unclogs the pores and cleanses them. 

Other ingredients such as Vitamin A then work to create a healthy environment where there was once bacteria, ensuring that any future skin growth has a healthy environment to thrive in and protect itself from future breakouts.

There is no promise that this product will work if you have severe acne. However, for any other types of mild to moderate acne, this gel is definitely worth a try.

Differin Gel acne treatment


  • This product is safe to use if you are 12 years and older
  • It was designed to target mild to moderate acne
  • There is a low risk of side effects and side effects are mostly mild
  • Ingredients restore the skin and protect it from future breakouts.
  • This is an award-winning acne treatment system
  • The reviews on this product are mostly positive


  • Side effects such as dryness and redness are a possibility

The manufacturers of this product have been incredibly transparent by admitting the product comes with the risk of a few side effects.

However, those side effects are incredibly mild and can be a risk with the use of any acne or skin care product. The potential side effects include dryness, redness, burning and irritation.

The company also states that those side effects should be gone within a month of using the product.

It is important to remember that a risk of side effects does not guarantee the side effect as everyone reacts differently, you may not experience any at all.

4. Proactiv Plus

Proactiv Plus is the advanced version of one of the most well-known acne treating systems in the world.

It is entirely dermatologist developed. It is also a dermatologist tested system to treat all forms of acne. All of the best acne products have been tested in advance for success. 

The original product was a cream used to simply rid your skin of breakouts. However, this new and improved version is an entire skin care product that will target acne, cleanse pores, exfoliate the skin, and provide hydration among many other things.

The unique aspect of this treatment is that it wasn’t just designed to fight acne. It was also created to help anyone who is dealing with a variety of different skin problems such as uneven textures and tones, dry skin, enlarged pores, and more.

This acne treatment is a three-step system that starts with a cleansing the pores, treating the acne, and then repairing the skin to make it strong and healthy.

Many acne treatments rely on either salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide to treat acne but this system uses both to ensure the best results possible.


  • Three step skin care system, not just a blemish remover
  • Uses a combination of the two most popular acne fighting ingredients in the world
  • Prevents future breakouts from occurring
  • Kills bacteria and sheds dead skin cells
  • Moisturizes the skin to keep it hydrated
  • Dermatologist tested and created
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Well-known company with a good reputation
  • Good customer reviews and testimonials


  • Potential side effects such as dryness, itching and irritation

Like any skin care product that contains such powerful ingredients, there is the risk of side effects.

Fortunately, the company was honest enough to state the possible side effects but insists that they are mild. Those side effects include dryness, itching, and irritation.

They also promise that if you experience burning or stinging, it is just proof that the medication in the system is working and targeting your acne.

The manufacturer has claimed that this product should not harm anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding.

However, even if you are not breastfeeding or pregnant, you should consult with a medical professional before using this product.

It is important to remember that if you have any medical conditions, have sensitivities or allergies to certain ingredients you should take caution when using this product and ask your doctor if it is safe to use.

5. Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Eliminating Spot Gel

Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Eliminating Spot Gel is an over-the-counter acne medication.

It not only rids your skin of current breakouts, but it will work with your skin to reduce the chances of experiencing future breakouts as well.

It was designed to be an affordable yet effective treatment for those who cannot afford a dermatologist.

Unlike other acne treatment systems that contain 1% salicylic acid, this acne treatment has doubled that amount. This makes it one of the strongest salicylic based acne treatments on the market.

Salicylic acid is one of the most common acne fighting ingredients in the world as it promotes exfoliation. It also rids your skin of oil and dead skin cells, making it easier to get those pores unclogged and promote new and healthy skin growth. 

It also uses a formula that they call MICROCLEAR. This formula rushes the salicylic acid to your pores to destroy all of the bacteria that is clogging them.

Whether you suffer from severe acne or are just trying to remove random breakouts, this is one of the best acne products.

Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Eliminating Spot Gel


  • The formula contains 2% salicylic acid
  • Unlike other acne treatments, it will not clog pores
  • Neutrogena is a well-known company with a good reputation
  • The reviews of this product are mostly positive
  • Dermatologist strength at an affordable price
  • Exfoliates the skin
  • Dissolves the oils in your skin
  • Disinfects and unclogs pores
  • Reduces sebum secretion which prevents acne
  • Prevents future breakouts from occurring
  • Natural anti-inflammatory to reduce redness and pimples


  • It might not work for those suffering from cystic acne

One of the negative aspects of this acne treatment is that it might not work for those who need it the most.

While the main selling point is salicylic acid, it has not been proven to work on those suffering from cystic acne. Cystic acne is incredibly common and hard to deal with.

This product is more of a spot cleaner than a treatment for cystic acne.

If you suffer from cystic or other forms of severe acne, you should talk to your doctor or a dermatologist to receive the best treatment possible for your skin.

As with any skincare product, there are some side effects such as skin irritation. You should consult a doctor before using the product especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have skin sensitivities, allergies, or are treating any medical conditions.


Acne treatments can either be wonderful for you or terrible. While the best acne products are intended to rid your problem spots of acne, things can go wrong if you choose the wrong product.

If you don’t choose a treatment that is compatible with your skin type, or if you use a product that your skin is sensitive to, it can make your face break out even more.

However, as long as you do research before purchasing the treatment and making sure that you are purchasing from a reputable company, your risk of being disappointed is greatly lowered.

If you are currently seeing a dermatologist, it’s always a good idea to talk to them before starting a new acne treatment. They will be able to give you a second opinion and let you know their thoughts on the product you want to buy.

Whatever acne treatment you choose, make sure to always follow the instructions on the package for the best results.

Another thing to keep in mind is that consistency is key, and it’s unlikely that you’ll see results overnight. Even some of the best acne products take weeks before you start to notice a difference in your acne.

Hopefully, this review of the top 5 best acne products gave you some insights into what products to look out for when choosing the perfect treatment for yourself.

Now that you have been introduced to a few of the best ones you can make a decision for yourself based on your skin because no one knows your acne better than you do!

By reading this review, you are already on your way to getting clearer and healthier skin!