Picamilon Reviews (2024 UPDATE): Is It Safe To Use?


What is Picamilon?

Picamilon is a nootropic which aids in boosting a healthy brain function.

The supplement also helps increase blood flow to the brain by interacting with the vascular system to enhance memory while reducing anxiety.

The main ingredients of the supplement are GABA and niacin, which give users a calm feeling.

Picamilon nootropic


Who Makes Picamilon?

The product is formulated and manufactured by a Russian-based pharmaceutical company called NP ECHO.

Picamilon was developed in Russia around 1969 and 1971. A product of the Soviet Union’s All-Union Vitamin Research Institute, Picamilon was synthesized as part of the Institute’s research in creating a potent performance-enhancing formula.

Best Picamilon Alternative

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Who Should Take Picamilon?

The product is said to increase mental clarity and alertness. Hence, this is suitable for people approaching their senior years to help keep them alert.

This supplement also helps those who work tedious jobs that require lots of hours or those who work the graveyard shift. It enables them to stay focused and alert while on the job.

The product can benefit college students to help them focus when they study.

How Does Picamilon Work?

Picamilon increases blood circulation, which improves brain activity. It works on enhancing brain alertness and memory retention.

Aside from increasing mental clarity and alertness, the formula can also help manage stress and anxiety.

There are statements that the product is also used to alleviate conditions such as depression and high blood pressure.

There are other advantages of using the supplement:

  • It relaxes the user.
  • It helps you achieve better sleep.
  • Your overall memory is improved.
  • It enhances the learning capacity.

Picamilon Ingredients

The two main active ingredients are GABA and Niacin.

GABA– works on limiting the stress hormone production to curb anxiety and depression. The ingredient also improves cognitive functions in the brain.

Niacin– dilates your blood vessel to increase blood flow to the brain, which improves overall mental health.

There is limited information if there are other ingredients in Picamilon’s formula. Most of the data online mention only the two components.

Picamilon Side Effects

Picamilon is known to be safe, but an overdose can likely cause side effects:

  • An overdose increases your blood sugar level. This is unhealthy and life-threatening for patients who have diabetes.
  • It increases the levels of Niacin inside the brain. When this happens, it can lead to skin flushes, rashes, and eczema.
  • Too much intake can induce insomnia and drowsiness
  • Other side effects are itchiness and light headaches.

One concern about this product is that it is a weak Monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI). Products that are considered MAOIs can be dangerous because they have adverse effects when they interact with other medications or foods, especially those that contain tyramine.

The effect of this interaction can result in a sudden increase in blood pressure.

Picamilon Dosage

The standard dosage for this supplement is at 100mg, although what you require may differ compared to other users.

Most reviews and articles online about this product would advise about talking to a doctor before use.

Picamilon Reviews

There are only a few Picamilon online reviews, and most of them are on independent sites. You cannot find a single review or feedback in any of the well-known online stores at all.

We collated a few testimonials from each of the independent reviews, and the following are some of the comments about the product.

  • One user states that he did not see any change in his stress and anxiety.
  • Another user notes that after taking a higher dose, he felt buzzing sensations. He warns other users of overdosing.
  • Some are questioning why the availability of the supplement is limited.

Where To Buy Picamilon?

Back in 2024, the FDA has put a stop on various vendors selling Picamilon in the US. Many of the well-known vendors and supplement producers do not sell the product. You cannot find it on Amazon, Walmart, or eBay.

This can be due to the fact that the product is made by a Russian pharmaceutical company. It is considered a prescription drug, not a supplement, in the Soviet bloc countries.

There are very few websites to which you can purchase Picamilon. It is best that you avoid it since the FDA has not yet cleared it to be sold in the US.


Does Picamilon Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

The FDA has not issued an authorization to sell Picamilon in the US after finding that it doesn’t fit any dietary ingredients category.

We do not recommend this product as a brain supplement, considering that some of the side effects in the case of overdosing are quite serious.

It is highly suggested to look for better brain supplements instead of this product. There are other healthier options, and on top of that, the FDA approves of their manufacture, distribution, and usage.