Relief Factor Reviews 2024: WARNING Do Not Buy Before You Read This!

Stress, trauma, and illness can cause inflammation like joint paints. However, your lifestyle and the food you eat can also cause swelling of muscles and joints. Getting enough sleep, stress management, exercising, and eating anti-inflammatory diet can help ease the pain.


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There are cases where natural remedies are not working. Fortunately, there are anti-inflammatory supplements that you can take. One of these products is Relief Factor. In this Relief Factor review, we will examine if the product claims are valid. We will also tell you if this is a worth buying product, or if you should try other anti-inflammatory supplements.

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What Is Relief Factor?

Relief Factor is an anti-inflammatory supplement that claims to help fight inflammation, which triggers muscles and joints. It consists of high-quality ingredients, which has been proven to be effective in relieving body pains.

The manufacturer claims that this supplement had gone through clinical studies for 15 years before it was sold to the public. This is to ensure that it helps alleviate joint and muscle pains. Additionally, this product claims to help cure minor pains and body aches.

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Best Relief Factor Alternative

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Who Makes Relief Factor?

Relief Factor is a product of Promedev, Inc. When you visit their website, you will see their contact info and company address. However, there’s no email address, but the site has a chat support where you can talk to them.

Who Should Take Relief Factor?

Since it’s an anti-inflammatory supplement, people who suffer from muscle and joint pains should take this product. While it is a natural supplement, you should consult your doctor first before buying this product to avoid any unwanted effects.

How Does Relief Factor Work?

Relief Factor was created to relieve muscle and joint pains. According to the pharmaceutical company, it has natural ingredients that help patients with chronic injuries. Furthermore, it works like a prescribed painkiller but without its side effects.

Relief Factor Ingredients

Since this product comes in capsule and soft-gel forms, each contains a variety of ingredients. Listed below are the Relief Factor ingredients:

For Soft Gel

  • Fish Oil Omega 3 (EPA and DHA) – It helps support healthy, stable inflammation. Furthermore, it helps to repair tissues. Therefore, it enables normal pain response, which promotes healing.

For Capsules

  • Icariin – This ingredient helps stabilize production levels of inflammatory factors from the genetic level. It also helps to keep the nitric oxide level steady, promoting healthy blood flow and healing.
  • Curcuminoids – It provides curcuminphytosome, which helps improve absorption and bioavailability. This is to ensure that the capsule can provide optimal support to enhance the response of the pain from multiple pathways and healthy inflammatory stability.
  • Resveratrol – This is a type of antioxidant that provides extensive spectrum support for blood vessels and inflammatory responses.

Other ingredients include Epimedium and Japanese fleece flower, which also helps to alleviate muscle and joint pains.

Relief Factor Side Effects

Relief Factor has side effects. Because it has fish oil and soy, it is likely to cause allergic reactions for people with soy and fish allergies.

Lactating and pregnant mothers should also consult their doctors first before buying this product as it can cause harm to infants. If you have hypertension, you need to monitor your blood pressure as it can go up while taking this supplement.

Relief Factor Dosage

You will receive this product in packets. One packet has two capsules, and the other one has two soft gels. According to the manufacturer of the supplement, the recommended dosage varies depending on the patient’s condition.

It is best to start with three packets a day to achieve positive results. But if the pain is severe, you need to take four packs daily. Reduce your use in two to three packets as swelling diminishes.

When taking four packets, you need to take one in the morning, two during lunch, and one at night. If you are taking three packs, you need to take one in the morning, one during the day, and another one at night. Then, take one packet in the morning and another one in the evening when taking two packs daily.

Relief Factor Reviews

Customer reviews are difficult to find on the internet. That is because the manufacturer is regulating their products, and they have no customer feedback except their website. It is also difficult to find reviews on Amazon.

However, we provided some reviews that will help you decide on whether Relief Factor is a worth-buying anti-inflammatory supplement or not.

As expected, Relief Factor has received mixed reviews from its buyers. Unfortunately, most of them are negative feedback.

One buyer said that this product helped reduce muscle pain. However, his blood pressure went up, so he advised consumers to monitor their blood pressure if they decided to take this supplement.

Another consumer said that Relief Factor was a scam. He also added that the manufacturer offers hidden charges. Therefore, it is likely that you lose all your money if you choose to get this product.

Due to these opinions, you probably ask yourself whether you should buy this product or try another supplement that is more effective than this one.


Where to Buy Relief Factor

This product isn’t available in drugstores near you. If you want to avail this product, you need to visit Promedev’s website.

Relief Factor Coupon Code or Free Trial

The price of Relief Factor starts at $19.95 per pack. However, this Relief Factor price is for new buyers. If you want to get a monthly supply of this supplement, you need to pay more than $50.00, which includes shipping.

Does Relief Factor Work or Is it a Scam?

Relief Factor seems to be an impressive anti-inflammatory solution as it claims to be effective in alleviating pain. This statement may be true, but it does not cure the cause. Thus, it is best to try Joint Advance, which heals swelling and pain without any false claims.