10 Daily Habits To Sleep Better


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A good night’s sleep kept you fresh and rejuvenated all through the next day. Unfortunately, not many of us have a sound sleep at night due to various personal and professional reasons. If you have been tossing and turning your bed for hours together in your bed every night, this article is for you. Ensure that you follow these ten habits so that you can sleep better and live a healthy life.

Set a structure

Your body is a system just like your computer. It needs a particular structure that it can understand and obey. Hence, the first habit that you have to inculcate is to go to sleep at the same time every day. It can take time for your body to adjust in the first few days, but you see improvements as days roll by.

Short nap times

When you sleep well in the afternoon, your body and mind cannot sleep properly at night. It is better to avoid sleep during the day. However, if you must, limit your nap timings to about 15 minutes strictly.

Create an ambiance

Never go to bed with a restless mind. Stress will never lead to sleep. Have a warm glass of milk or take a warm bath, read a book or listen to some soothing music about an hour before your bedtime. This will relax your mind and help you sleep better.

Physical exercise is a must

It may surprise you, but it is important to have an active physical life to sleep peacefully at night. It may surprise you, but it is important to have an active physical life to sleep peacefully at night. A simple routine walk for about 45 minutes every day, without fail, can bring a structure to your sleep pattern as well.

No heavy meals

Eat light and drink something warm to get good sleep. Also avoid cold drinks, beverages like tea or coffee, alcohol and smoking at least a few hours before your sleep time.

Reduce screen time

It is better to put your mobiles aside and switch off your television at least an hour before you go to sleep. Use the last hour before sleeping for relaxing activities as mentioned earlier. When your eyes are stressed from too much of mobile or TV usage, you cannot have a sound sleep.

Comfortable bed

Your bed, bed covers, and pillows should be clean and soft so that it encourages you to sleep well. If you wake up with a backache or neck sprain, it means that you have to change your bed.

Breathing and meditation

These two are the best relaxation techniques that you can ever try out in the hour before your sleep if you want to keep your mind relaxed. Take deep breaths and do some relaxing muscle exercises so that you get some mental relief.

Keep your lights down

As your sleep time nears, you need to keep your lights down so that your brain gets the signal that it has to stop thinking and start relaxing. A dark and cool room helps you to sleep better than a brightly-lit room.

Have a balanced diet

This is an important point because when you eat too many carbs or proteins on a daily basis, you cannot sleep well because of problems like stomach upsets. Drink lots of water and ensure that you eat a balanced diet every day so that you get enough nutrients to keep you healthy and stress-free.

Practice these tips right away and enjoy a sound sleep for a healthy living, today onwards.

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