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Spin Bikes

Spin Bikes are the hardcore machines that can be seen sitting around like an imposing army in spin classes in virtually every decent gym in the country. Spin bikes offer the closest recreation of a real outdoor cycling experience that there is. Often the rider is pedaling in an upright position, with their butt out of the seat and their body in over the pedals.

Spin bikes feature a large, distinctive spinning disc at the front of the bike. Once you hop on the bike you have the goal of keeping the disc moving, which can be a challenging prospect depending on the selected resistance level.

Spin bikes offer the most intense workout option of any home exercise bike. It is very important to make sure that your bike is set to your requirements in order to prevent injury and get the most out of the exercise. Many people do not set the seat correctly. To make sure you get it right, step on the back bar behind the bike and measure where the seat sits relative to your body. Ideally the top of the seat should be in line with your pelvic bone. To adjust the seat, you turn at knob located at the back of the main frame.

The distance between the seat and the handles bars is an important factor in ensuring that your get the correct body alignment when working out a spin cycle. To measure the correct distance for you, put your elbow on the tip of the seat, and stretch out your arms. Your fingertips should just graze the shaft of the handle bars. To adjust this distance, there is a pin under the seat that allows for fore and aft movement.

People who are new to spin training will want the handle bars to be as high as possible. This will keep the pressure off your lower back. As you get more familiar with spinning, you can start to lower the handle bars. The handle bars are adjusted up and down by way of a pin at the front of the bike.

The pedals on a spin bike more closely resemble those of a racing bike. They have enclosed cages to keep your feet secure. If your seat height is correct, your leg will  not be completely straight at the bottom of each revolution when you pedal. Neither do you want to feel as though you’re on a tricycle when spinning. If your knees come up too high, then your seat is too low. At the top of each revolution your knee should be in line with your big toe.

Keep your shoulders pulled back and away from your ears when cycling. You do not want to be hunched over when you are training. Keep your chest up and your back straight while spinning.

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The Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor cycling bike is a no frills spin cycle that provides a sturdy, reliable and smooth training experience at a great price.