13 Ways to Last Longer in the Bedroom


lasting longer in bedWhen you are involved in a sexual relationship, at first it may seem like you aren’t lasting as long as you might like.  You have probably noticed that both you and your partner have achieved orgasm at different points in time in the sexual act.  This is normal and sometimes it might take a little bit longer to get your lady where she needs to be.  In the event these situations sound familiar to you, you should know that there is help.

Follow the steps listed below in order to learn how to maximize the length of time in which it takes you to achieve orgasm.  You will enjoy prolonging the experience so that you can both receive great amounts of pleasure.

13 Ways to Last Longer in the Bedroom

  1. Take Small Steps – Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is your increased longevity in the bedroom.  Take baby steps when it comes to your sexual victories and you will decrease any performance anxiety that you might be feeling.  There is no rush to get through the sexual experience, so shoot for increasing your time by two minutes for the first week and ten the next week and so on.
  2. Take a Break – There is no law saying that you have to rev up your engine and keep things going. If you are overly excited for the sexual activity, you may end up achieving orgasm faster than you would have liked.  Taking a break gives your body a chance to stop and realize that it isn’t time yet to explode.
  3. Keep the Foreplay Going – You can’t come if you aren’t engaged in sex, right? To increase the amount of time that you wish to enjoy sex, you can simply perform oral sex on your lady.  This way, you will both be satisfied when the time comes.
  4. Use Lubricants Liberally – The extra lubrication can help you avoid dryness altogether. If you’re engaged in sex, you don’t want to deal with friction that is akin to rubbing two pieces of sandpaper together.  When you use lube, you can last longer so that you can both enjoy the experience.
  5. Change Things Up – Ladies, feel free to get on top or switch positions accordingly. If you’re on top and he is reaching orgasm too quickly, it could be attributed to the view.  Try to find a position that won’t cause him to go into overdrive from the onset of sexual activity.
  6. Change to a Position That is Less Stimulating – Even better, change positions to something that is less stimulating for him. If one of you has to work a little harder for sex to work, that means it will last longer overall.
  7. Use Sex Toys – Using sex toys on your lady can extend the life of the party tremendously. In this way, you are still ramped up for sexual intercourse, but you are keeping your erection for the act itself while continuing to please her.
  8. Distract Your Mind – It may seem easier said than done, but when you want to last longer in bed, you should distract your mind from the events that are happening during the act. Focus on something completely different than what you are experiencing, but be sure that doesn’t include any thoughts about your grandmother.  Thinking about grandma’s cooking may work to decrease your mood, so focus on something like any hobbies that you have or work that needs to be done.  This will get your mind out of the gutter for a moment so that you can last even longer.
  9. Ladies: Do Your Kegel Exercises – This tip is just for the ladies. If you haven’t yet heard of Kegel exercises, I’ll wait while you Google it.  There, all done?  Kegels are basically just exercises for your vagina.  Doing these exercises makes you last longer when trying to achieve orgasm.
  10. Seek Help from a Doctor – This might be a last resort, but you can always seek medical assistance by talking with your doctor. There is a good chance that your doctor has heard of any issue that you’re facing in the past, so don’t be shy.  The trick is to be as honest as possible so that you can get the results you want.
  11. Try an Aprhodisiac – There are a wide variety of foods out there that are designed to increase libido in both men and women. Try eating oysters with your partner or one of the performance enhancing natural alternatives on the market.  You can last longer and enjoy better sex altogether.
  12. Keep Track of Your Energy Level – If you aren’t lasting a long enough time in the bedroom, it could be directly linked to your energy levels. If your energy level is high, then you might be too excited to lengthen the time it takes to achieve orgasm.  Keep mental notes on your level of energy when it comes to matters of sex.  If you need to talk to a doctor, this could be important information to share.
  13. Slow Things Down if You Need to – Breathe slower and slow down your rate of thrusting. This could help you achieve longer lasting sex that will bring extreme amounts of pleasure for both of you.  Men sometimes have a tendency to continue pumping until they are done, but if you want to go for longevity, slow down the rhythm – it isn’t a race.

If you are involved in a sexual relationship, then you have probably asked yourself many times how you could possibly increase your overall time spent engaged in the act of sex.  This is not an abnormal situation and you are not alone in your thinking.  If you are part of a couple who has considered how to last longer in bed, consider the tips listed above for performance improvement of the highest degree.  You will both thank yourselves later!

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