Erectile Dysfunction: Myths, Causes and Remedies You Didn’t Know


erectile dysfunction

Just because you’re getting older, it doesn’t mean that you have to accept erectile dysfunction (ED) as your new normal.  There are many common myths surrounding erectile dysfunction, but we want you to have all of the facts so you can take care of yours or your partner’s sexual health.

Myth: It is a normal part of growing older

A common myth is that erectile dysfunction is a normal part of growing older for a man.  Typically, a man’s susceptibility to erectile dysfunction increases as he ages, but it doesn’t mean that there is no cure.

While it’s common for men to need more stimulation for sexual arousal to occur, it’s not something that you should feel is hopeless.  In this situation, there is help for men that wish to obtain and maintain erections for many years to come.

Myth: Erectile Dysfunction isn’t dangerous to your health

Another myth is that erectile dysfunction, while bothersome, isn’t exactly dangerous to your health.  The truth is that getting diagnosed as having erectile dysfunction can be an early warning sign of other health problems such as high blood pressure or atherosclerosis.  Seeing your physician can lead you to being on your way to having a healthier sex life and can help detect future health problems along the way.

Psychological Problems: How To Cope

Psychological issues can cause erectile dysfunction in men.  This is related to stress and anxiety in sufferers and can affect a man’s sex life greatly.  If a man is feeling anxious or self conscious about getting an erection, it may cause him to lose the ability to do so.  In order to confront these problems, it is best to seek counseling with your partner so that any anxious feelings are eliminated before they create further problems in the bedroom.

Fatigue and Exhaustion: What To Do

Fatigue is a common cause of erectile dysfunction, but it is one of the easiest treatable causes.  In order to battle fatigue, simply ensure that you clear your head before going to bed.  Furthermore, getting a good night’s rest that is completely free of distractions can eliminate feelings of exhaustion and allow you to enjoy sex.

Relationship Problems

If you are facing problems in your relationship, this can lead to a lowered libido.  Instead of fighting with your partner, open the lines of communication and talk with them directly about what is bothering you.  When doing so, you break down the barriers that prohibit you from experiencing an erection and enjoyable sex.

Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction And Low Libido

If you aren’t ready to take that little blue pill, then there are other natural remedies for men suffering from erectile dysfunction or low libido.  Because low libido strikes both men and women, you aren’t alone when it comes to having a lowered sex drive.  Fortunately for you and many others like you, there is help that is healthy and safe for you to try.

Eating The Right Foods

With regard to foods, there are plenty of different libido enhancers out there.  This is one of the safest methods out there because these items can all be found in your local grocery store.  For the best results, try eating figs, avocados, watermelon, oysters and bananas – but not together!  These foods work to increase blood flow to your sex organs, increasing your sex drive altogether.

In addition, you can enjoy some rich, dark chocolate as a means of increasing your libido.  Studies have shown that eating chocolate releases serotonin into your body and produces aphrodisiac effects.

Make Time For Sexual Activity

If time is a factor in your busy life, then you will want to schedule some play time with your partner.  Also, consider de-stressing before leaving work so that you can leave any lingering work issues behind before you try to get down and dirty with your partner.

Get Moving

For those people who are inactive, you may try to start physical exercise to get your body moving around.  Try to start out by walking once a day, by yourself or with your partner.  When you challenge yourself physically, you build a level of confidence that will carry over into the bedroom.

Keep Your Expectations In Check

Unfortunately for most of us, all of our sexual escapades aren’t going to be mind-blowing.  Fortunately, they don’t have to be in order to enjoy having sex with your partner.  When dealing with a low libido, don’t expect too much and have a good sense of humor when things don’t work out like you wanted them to.

Make A Sex Date

Sometimes, having spontaneity in the bedroom is the key to livening things up, but making a date just for intimacy with your partner gives you both something that you can both look forward to.  You may not have the time to wait for the mood to strike you and your partner, but setting a date for sex builds anticipation for both of you.  To make sure you have a smooth experience, keep the experience free from any distractions.  For couples with children, hire a babysitter and have them take the kids to a movie in order for you and your partner to enjoy time for sexual intercourse without distractions.

As with anything, you want to make sure that the time is right for you to have sex with your partner.  While our lives do get busy and distractions lure our attention away from our partners, we can try to open the lines of communication with them in order to handle any problems that arise.

There is no manual for having a higher libido, so it is basically just trial and error until you can both work out what works for your particular situation.  Lastly, don’t listen to others who that there is a “normal” frequency for sexual relations.  Only you and your partner can make that determination for yourselves, so tune out the noise and get down to business having the best sex of your life!

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