10 Daily Habits To Reduce Joint Pain


Reduce Joint Pain

If you thought that you could do nothing about your joint pain (also known by names like chronic pain or arthritis pain) and had to live on painkillers to subside the effect, you are mistaken. Some simple habits, like the ones described below, can help you reduce joint pain to a great extent.

Have a check on your weight

Most of the times, the chronic pain in your knees or joints is because of the huge load that they have to carry (your body weight). Make a conscious effort to shed off the extra flab with the help of strict diet, physical exercises, and medications (necessary if you are extremely obese). Your osteoarthritis will be reduced to a large extent when you knock off those extra kilos.

Relax well

One of the major reasons for joint pain is tension. Ensure that you remove the stress from your body and mind through relaxation techniques like meditation or yoga. They help in reducing your joint pain.

Limit alcohol consumption

When you drink too much of alcohol, your sleep patterns are disturbed, thereby increasing your joint pain to a great extent. Drop that alcohol from your lifestyle and see positive effects on your chronic pain.

Healthy diet

When you eat a healthy diet full of nutrients, it can help in keeping your blood sugar levels, cholesterol and weight under control. This has a positive impact on your chronic pain.

Physical exercises

When you have joint pain, you may find it difficult to walk or lead an active life. However, doctors advise you to take the challenge and regularly walk at least for about 15 to 30 minutes every day.

Take enough breaks from repetitive actions

When you do the same ask every day without taking proper breaks in between, it can cripple your body and increase pain in your spinal cord, knees, thighs, shoulders, etc. It is very important that you try and break the routine. Take a five-minute break for every hour or so from your work, to get some relief.

Include healthy fats

Most people make the mistake of avoiding fats altogether from their meals, in a bid to eat healthily. However, there are some healthy fats like Omega-3 that can provide you immense relief against arthritis and joint pain. Consume these anti-inflammatory fats in general doses every day (at least 2000mg) to control joint pain.

Vitamin D

When you don’t have enough Vitamin D, it weakens your bones and increases joint pain. Sunlight is a natural source of Vitamin D.  You need to walk in the morning sun for about twenty minutes daily and eat a log of eggs to reduce chronic pain in your bones.


Participate in social groups and interact with people suffering from joint pains. Know more about their remedies and solutions to have a healthy brainstorming session. This will help you in taking care of yourself better than before.

Never skip pills

If you are already under medications for joint pain, ensure that you don’t skip any dose, even if you begin to feel better. This can aggravate your joint pain to a great extent.

Aren’t these tips quite simple? It’s all about not sulking in your pain and coming out openly to accept the challenges in front of you so that you can reduce your pain to a great extent.

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