For Fun: 12 Impressive Sexual Records!


There are over seven billion people in the world, so it definitely makes for quite the interesting place. Below, we talk about the most interesting sexual records out there that are not only crazy, but quite impressive. The only thing that has us wondering is just how these records are measured? Read on for the most impressive sexual records in the world… Fortunately for you, there aren’t any pictures of these records, so you’ll have to take our word for it.

Check out these twelve insane sexual records that are actually impressive enough to hold their own!

The world’s biggest vagina

There is actually a woman in existence that has a vagina that measures around 50 centimeters. Can you imagine?!? It belonged to a woman named Anna Swan and her vagina stretched to that insane length. Unfortunately for her, she was almost never able to achieve an orgasm with her stretched out vagina. She had the biggest vagina in recorded history and it was attributed to her being considered a giantess. She went on to marry a man who was similar in stature and gave birth to the largest baby in history, weighing in at 26 pounds. The baby was 34 inches in length and was helped out of the birth canal with forceps and belts. Unfortunately, the child did not survive birth, but a cast of it remains on display at the Cleveland Health Museum.

The largest penis in the world

The record for the largest penis in the world goes to Dr. Robert Dickinson. His oversized man parts measured in at 13.4 inches long and had a girth of 6.3 inches. How’s that for size? While some women say that the bigger is the better, but there is such thing as overkill. Overkill in this case is definitely a penis that is over a foot long, wouldn’t you agree?

A woman who swallowed the largest amount of ejaculate

Here’s a record that we were sure we would never hear of. One unnamed woman holds the record for having swallowed a full liter of ejaculate. We bet her doctor was stunned to find that much semen in her stomach. She probably led quite the sex life, no?

The world’s youngest mother

In the age of “Sixteen and Pregnant,” you would think that it might be shocking to have a baby at such a young age. Unfortunately, that is hardly a young age to get pregnant with your first child. The world’s record for being the youngest mother ever goes to a girl who gave birth at the tender age of only five years old. Insane! Her name is Lina Medina and she lives in Peru and even at the age of 82-years-old, she still holds the record for being the world’s youngest mother.

The oldest man to ever impregnate a woman

Apparently some men are able to get a woman pregnant well into their golden years. That was the case for 96-year-old Ramajit Raghav who impregnated his 52-year-old wife. The record was previously held by 90-year-old Nanu Ram Jogi – who had 21 children.

The world’s strongest and fastest ejaculation

If you can believe this – someone actually measured the distance a man’s ejaculate went along with its speed. While the man isn’t named, we know that the longest radius measured 236 inches and its speed was nearly 43 miles per hour.

The woman who birthed the most children

A Russian woman by the name of Valentina Vassilyeva birthed 69 children between 1725 and 1765. She gave birth to 16 sets of twins, seven sets of triplets and four sets of quadruplets. There isn’t much known about her life and death aside from the fact that she basically started her own army of children with her husband.

The world’s oldest prostitute

Prostitution has been referred to as the world’s oldest profession, so it stands to reason that there are older prostitutes still trying to make a living in the most carnal of ways. The record for the oldest prostitute in the world goes to a Tai Pei woman that goes by the nickname “grandma.” She’s said to be 82-years-old and charges much less than her younger counterparts.

The world’s largest orgy

The world’s largest orgy is a record won by Japan – who organized 250 couples that went at it simultaneously. 250 men and women had sex with each other for a camera crew that took pictures of the activities along with video. Each of the couples only has sex with each other and none of the other participants and the entire thing is available to buy on DVD.

The world’s largest gangbang

Believe it or not, this is an actual record that some women really want to achieve and beat. An American porn star named Lisa Sparxxx currently holds the record for having sex with the most amount of men in one single day. Currently, that record is 919 men of whom she’s had sex in the span of a 24 hour period of time. How did she even find time to eat and rest during that marathon sex session?!? The record was achieved at Eroticon 2004, beating out previous records of 646 and 759 men.

The world’s strongest vagina

Here is another record that we can’t believe exists, but a woman named Tatiana Kozhevnikova actually holds the record for having the strongest vagina in the world. She can lift almost 31 pounds with her lady parts and has been exercising her kegels for fifteen years. She said that after she gave birth, her vaginal muscles became very weak, but she has worked them out ever since.

The longest running masturbation session

A man named Masanobu Sato attended an event called the Masturbate-a-thon in San Francisco and currently holds the record for the longest time spent choking the chicken. His record is nine hours and 58 minutes, only beating out his previously held record of nine hours and 33 minutes.

While you may not want to attempt to meet or beat any of these sexual records, these people will hold their own place in history after holding these various titles. People can get in the Guinness Book of World Records for a variety of reasons, so why not make it interesting and try to beat out these sexual records?

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