How Obesity Can Negatively Affect Your Sex Life


obesity and sex lifeAs with anything, we all want to live healthy, normal lives.  Unfortunately for us, time constraints and other life events prevent us from reaching our full potential.  Suddenly, we find ourselves overweight and sitting on the couch watching television with zero sex drive.  While you may choose to blame other factors for your issues with low libido such as lack of time or sexual performance anxiety, you may want to look in the mirror first and foremost.

More often than not, over time you become careless about your outer appearance.  As you fail to take care of yourself, being overweight turns into obesity.  You may gain a few extra pounds as you age, primarily because of a slower metabolic rate, but being obesity can affect you in ways you probably never thought about.

What Obesity Is And How It Affects You

Obesity is defined as a condition associated with being so overweight that it affects the person’s health.  This condition stems from overeating without actually burning off any calories or being sedentary.  Without exercise, an overweight person grows larger and obese.  Unfortunately, obesity leads to a slew of health conditions that could otherwise be avoided.  Heart problems can also arise from obesity along with many other health concerns.

Obesity can also affect your sex life, making you less desirable than when you were fit.  For obese persons, they feel less attractive to the opposite sex.  In addition, since society is geared toward body shaming overweight or obese people, these people feel less confident about their appearance in general.  The domino effect occurs and the obese person feels self conscious about getting naked in front of their partner, leading to a possible case of sexual performance anxiety.

Society has us wired to the belief that being overweight is not sexy, so it works as a dampener when it comes to an obese person’s libido.  Fortunately, there are ways to get around this and get your libido back – if you want to work for it.

Battling Obesity

Aside from healthy eating, you may wish to kick start your libido by working out.  Exercises that increase the blood flow to the pelvic area are the best for ramping up your sex drive.  In order to stimulate your sex hormones, you can start by losing as little as ten pounds.  Any movement to start with is going to benefit your overall health and sex life, so you can start by walking for a short period of time every day.  Once that becomes a regular habit, you can ramp up your exercise routine in order to realize the many benefits this can offer your health and libido.

You want to be attractive to your partner so that they want to engage in sex with you.  Because obesity makes you lose your level of confidence, this is conveyed in intimate interactions with your partner.  If your body isn’t fit nor desirable, then it stands to reason that your partner may lose interest in sexual relations with you.

Because sex is such an integral part of any relationship, you want to make sure that you’re doing everything in your power in order to see results with your battle against obesity.

The Sex Lives Of Healthy People

As opposed to people who are obese, fit and healthy people enjoy many benefits in society and in the bedroom.  Those who are attractive don’t feel a lack of self confidence that affects their bedroom activities.

It is completely natural for people to be attracted to others who work hard to look good and take excellent care of their bodies.  In order to be attractive to others, you must look nice, well groomed and not be considerably overweight.  When you are healthy, you have a tendency to have a more positive outlook on life, healthiness and sexual activity.  Healthy people are fit enough to maintain healthy sexual activities, so it is beneficial to exercise regularly and eat well balanced meals.

The Benefits Of Having A Good Body Shape

If you have a good body shape, then you have already realized the many benefits that come along with that.  People with great shapes send signals to others that they care about their overall appearance and how they are perceived.  Society has taught us that being in shape is essential for living a quality life, having sexual partners and attracting the best mates.

After all, your appearance is the first thing that people see when they meet you.  You want to send a good message that you care about how you look.  Healthy people want to attract likeminded people who share the same views on healthy eating and exercise.

What You Can Do About Obesity

To fight the battle of the bulge, the best thing you can possibly do is to create a good exercise plan and stick with it.  If you can work hard to at least lose ten pounds, then you can be on your way to not only establishing good habits, but you will see an increased amount of testosterone, thus offering a boost to your sex drive.

Try to incorporate exercises into your workout plan that stimulate blood flow to your pelvic region, such as walking, biking or doing yoga.  These exercises cause you to have better circulation to your genitals and offer better lubrication, arousal and orgasms overall.

Consider the psychological effects that obesity has on you.  In an obese person’s head, they are probably thinking that they are not attractive or sexy enough to engage in sexual relations.  In order to take that thought process on, consider accepting yourself and the way you look.  Sometimes, feeling better about yourself leads you to want to work hard to achieve a desirable body.  In general, women more often than men are geared to think that they have to hate their bodies in order to try and make any changes to their appearance.  Still, it can prove to be a wise solution to get started working out, eating healthy foods and changing the way you think about your body.

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