Workout Motivation – Empowering Yourself


I used to feel down a lot. And I mean A LOT. Every time something wouldn’t wort out MY way, I’d feel bad. Just like if the universe was against me all the time. A girl helped me realize there was something wrong with me and that universe really didn’t care about me ?

I started to read the kind of books I would have laughed at a few months before. I really think it helped me gain some wisdom. And now I’m positive 99% of the time, no matter what happens.

I now enjoy reading these books a lot. You know what they say? Bathing doesn’t last, so does motivation. You need some everyday…

But reading does take a lot of time too. Hopefully, some smart people have put together some nice speeches, with nice background music, so you can listen to wisdom while training.

When working out, I prefer listening to those rather than pure training music. It helps me go further.

Will it help you too? I think so…

Credits go to original creators.


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