10 Reasons To Ban Sodas From Your Life


Ban Sodas

We all know that sodas of all types are dangerous for our health. No, diet sodas are no good, either! Some of us do make a conscious attempt to drink them occasionally after a binge-meal while some of us conveniently ignore the health hazards that these aerated drinks bring along with them. These sodas are quite dangerous, and they can kill you in the long run. Not convinced? Here are 10 reasons why you should stop drinking them right away.

High sugar content

As per recent reports, a single can of your favorite soda contains around 10 teaspoons of sugar. When you drink these deadly sodas regularly, you are prone to diabetes and insulin resistance. This may lead to other serious ailments like obesity, blood pressure, and heart attacks.

Blocks absorption of nutrients

All sodas contain high levels of phosphoric acid, which is a chemical known to block your body’s nutrient-absorption capacity. Due to poor calcium absorption, you become more prone to conditions like osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, dental problems and soft bones.

Harmful sugar substitute

Sodas contain aspartame, a substitute for sugar. This chemical is very toxic as it contains methanol. This chemical is so dangerous that it can cause serious health problems like seizures, tumors of the brain, mental imbalances, obesity, cancer and more.


The harsh truth of sodas is that the chemical and artificial sweeteners in it can result in a disastrous weight gain. People who drink about two cans of soda per day can grow to around 500 times of their original size in a decade, according to latest studies!

Too much of fructose

Sodas are known to contain high fructose corn syrup that is made from corns that are genetically modified. This syrup was found to have some elements of mercury in it. Mercury is a toxic agent that is known to cause a wide range of health hazards.

Harmful cans

Forget the soda; even their cans are dangerous for your health! These cans have high levels of BPA (Bisphenol A), a toxic chemical known to cause problems like obesity, hormonal imbalances, mental and physical disorders, cancers, infertility, etc.

Harmful colors

Some sodas come in attractive colors to woo kids. However, the sad part is that the caramel coloring used for this purpose is very toxic and can lead to cancers as well.

Poor quality of water

Almost all types of sodas manufactured across the world use low-quality tap water that is loaded with toxic chemicals, minerals, and other metals. When you consume these hazardous substances, it can cause your vital organs to break down very soon.


If you thought only coffees had caffeine, you are mistaken! Sodas contain high levels of caffeine too. This, when combined with other toxic elements like high fructose, phosphoric acid, and poor water, can lead to deadly diseases like breast cancers, cardiac ailments, abnormal blood pressure, strokes and more.

Chronic dehydration

Soda may seem to be a refreshing drink; however, what it does, in reality, is to dehydrate your body to a great extent. When you keep drinking sodas regularly, you will experience chronic dehydration, which will lead to severe problems like strokes, irregular blood pressure, etc.

Don’t you think it’s high time we said no to these sinful sodas and start drinking more of fresh fruit juices, instead?

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