7 Low-Sugar Fruits to Eat Sparingly


Low-Sugar Fruits

Fruit is not only delicious, but it can also be good for you. The only downside to eating fruits is that they tend to be higher in carbs and sugar than vegetables. This is no reason to shy away from them, though. There are many low-sugar fruits that you can eat sparingly. They also tend to have a lot of other great benefits. Here are 7 low-sugar fruits to eat sparingly, no matter what diet you are on.


Coconut can come in the form of water, oil or even shredded. It can be used as a creamer for your coffee, in desserts or can be drunk as a water. Coconut holds a lot of electrolytes, which can be great for the body. It can also help to ensure you stay hydrated even on the hottest days. Other benefits are to lower blood pressure and cholesterol.


Avocados are a great fruit to eat because they are high in fat, have little carbs and have very little sugar. In fact, there is about 1 gram of sugar for every cup of avocados. This is a great fruit to eat if you are following a low carb diet. The other great thing about avocados is that they will keep you fuller longer than some other fruits. Avocados can be eaten as a sandwich or burger topping, as an add-on to salads, or as a side dish. Guacamole can be a great alternative for a dip. This is one of the best fruits for the Keto diet, as it’s not only low in sugar but high in other nutrients as well.


Lemon is not only delicious but also falls into the category of being low in sugar and high in other nutrients. One great thing about lemon is that it can give your body natural electrolytes. Electrolytes help their muscles to do their job properly. Without them, your body is depleted of the most important nutrients it needs for proper function. Probably the best way to ingest lemon is to squeeze fresh lemon juice into your water. This makes it delicious and manageable.

You probably wouldn’t want to eat a lemon on its own as it can be very sour. It can also be great to add to a salad dressing. Other benefits of lemon are that it can be helpful to your heart, it can jump-start your day giving you lots of energy, and even help your body to absorb iron more efficiently. Joints and muscles can benefit from lemon, and they might even help you to avoid cramps.


There are many great reasons why you should eat cranberries. Many people think of cranberries during Thanksgiving and Christmas as a staple side or as part of dessert. Cranberries are good for more than just that, though. Even just by drinking cranberry juice without added sugar, it can help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and reduce high blood pressure as well as inflammation within the body. Luckily, with no sugar added, it is a fruit that is naturally low in sugar, so can be friendly for any type of diet.


Pomegranate is a tasty fruit that also has great benefits. Pomegranate can help fight estrogen imbalance, which is great for helping our bodies to function at its best. When there is an excess or lack of estrogen, it can affect mood, the ability to reproduce and how our bodies age. Therefore, eating more pomegranate can improve mood, help with reproduction and even reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging.


Rhubarb can make a delicious pie and also has a great amount of Vitamin K. While it tends to have a sour flavor, it can be very beneficial for your health. In fact, for every cup of rhubarb, you will only get about 1 gram of sugar. This is good news if you are trying to cut your sugars to lose weight. Vitamin K can help to increase cognition (brain function and memory) and can also help to reduce the signs of aging. While the best time to eat it is in the spring, you can also find it in the frozen section precut.


Not everyone loves olives. In fact, many people might not even realize that olives are a fruit. Olives have 0 grams of sugar for every ½ cup. Olives such as kalamata or green olives can be added to meals such as salads, pasta dishes, and pizza. Olives can lower cholesterol and also possess antioxidants, which can be important in fighting diseases and even can be beneficial when it comes to recovering after a hard workout.

These are some of the best fruits that are low in sugar for your enjoyment. You don’t have to feel guilty about eating any of these fruits because not only are they low in sugar, but they also have other great benefits.

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