10 Spices That Will Help You Lose Weight



When we plan to reduce weight, we talk about nutrients, calories and a lot more. One of the most underrated topics in this discussion is about the spices that are used in the meals.  Some of the spices that help you reduce weight, thanks to their power-packed nutrients, are mentioned below:


Ginseng is one of the most effective spices that will help you reduce weight within 12 days. This is because this spice, especially the Pinax Ginseng variety helps to boosts your energy and metabolism levels.


One of the most important active ingredients of turmeric is Curcumin, which prevents the formation of fat tissues in your body. Due to this, you can be assured that your body weight would be kept under check always.


Cumin is one of the best spices that you have to consume on a regular basis if you want a boost in your energy levels and keep your weight under check. Apart from helping in weight loss, cumin is a great choice for people with diabetes as it helps them to reduce their blood sugar levels.


Since ginger and turmeric belong to the same family, they have similar properties. Helping in weight loss is one of the common characteristics of these two spices. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties and thermo genic properties, ginger aids digestion and boosts metabolism levels.


According to reports, when you add cayenne to your meal, it helps to burn around 100 calories per meal. Cayenne increases the heat in your body and improves your metabolism rate to a great extent, thereby helping you burn fats easily.


One of the best highlights of cinnamon is that it helps to improve the glucose metabolism rate in your body to a great extent. People with diabetes need to consume cinnamon on a regular basis as it helps to regulate their blood sugar levels and keep the LDL (bad cholesterol level) under check.

Black Pepper

Piperine is the main substance of black pepper. It stops the formation of new fat cells and helps your body to burn many calories quickly. It also gives an exclusive flavor to your foods, making bland foods tastier within seconds.


Dandelions are highly rich in nutrients like fibers, beta-carotene, vitamins, minerals and others. They are known for slowing your digestive process, as a result of which you feel reduced hunger pangs. By acting as a detox agent for your liver and keeping your sugar & cholesterol levels under check, dandelions help you to maintain your weight at all times.


Yes, garlic does have a pungent smell, but it is packed with so many nutrients that you just cannot afford to miss to include it in your daily diet. Raw garlic, especially, helps in keeping your digestive system healthy always by helping you to burn fats quicker.


Apart from exuding an excellent aroma, cardamom is also known for helping you to have a check on your weight. Due to its thermogenic properties, cardamom has been used in many Ayurvedic and herbal medicines for many years. It helps your body to burn fat quickly by improving your metabolism levels and keeps your weight under control.

Now that you know that all of these are super spices in their own regard, isn’t it natural to start including them in your meals?

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