11 Tips For Increasing Intimacy Before And After Sex


sexual intimacyMost of the time when you think about sex, you think about the act itself and not the things that come before or after it.  In order to build intimacy between yourself and your partner, you should think about the events leading up to your sexual encounter in addition to the things that happen afterward.  When giving these times your full consideration, you open the door to having a greater amount of intimacy overall.

There are many various things that you can do with each other in order to up the level of intimacy that you both share.  Below, we discuss each in full detail so that you and your partner can grow even closer to one another – before and after the act.

You may notice that you probably do any number of these things already, but read on for our list of things to do to spice things up.

Massage Your Partner

Before sex, touching your partner by giving them a massage might work to encourage their anticipation for more intimate touching.  It doesn’t take being a pro to rub your partner down, so break out some oils and work those muscles.  Massage actually loosens up tight, stressed muscles, so it works both before and after sex to increase intimacy.  Before sex, it might get them in the mood, but afterward, it could work to say thank you for a meaningful sexual experience.

Cuddle With Each Other

Most of the time, cuddling works after sex in order to build your level of intimacy with your partner.  Simply curl up together, snuggle in closely and talk.  Or – don’t talk – it’s up to you.  You will feel your intimacy increase when your bodies are close without having sex.  Before sex, it will build anticipation, but afterward, it’s great for conveying that awesome feeling of being loved.

Share An Intimate Conversation

After sex, lay in bed with your partner and quietly talk about your day.  If you need your partner’s opinion on something or want to know how they’re feeling, take some time to talk about it together.  When you talk, be sure to avoid subjects that may lead to an argument or confrontation.  Having a stimulating or thought-provoking conversation is great, but leave the debates for times when your energies are so relaxed.

Prepare A Meal For Your Partner

Fixing your partner something to eat can work before or after sexual activities.  If you cook for them, it could lead to great sex, but after sex, it could replenish his or her energy.  Also, you can try eating foods that are considered to be aphrodisiacs before sex – in order to get you and your partner both in the mood.

Have A Bath Together

Run a nice, warm bath and hop in!  This idea also works for showers, so let the water get hot and clean each other up.  Before sex, this will get you touching each other.  After sex, you can sensually clean your partner’s body and possibly get worked up for round two.

Kiss Deeply And Passionately

Kissing someone can be one of the most intimate things you do together.  We’re not talking about a peck on the cheek – we’re talking about long lasting deep kisses that are passionate.  This is another item that works both before and after sex, but can also lead to another sexual escapade if done right.

Get In The Mood With An Aphrodisiac

Using aphrodisiacs have been a long-standing way of increasing sexual desire for yourself and your partner.  As far back as ancient times, people have used foods and other vitamins and minerals in order to increase sex drive.  If you want to increase your desire for sex, try eating the right foods, taking your vitamins and a well tested aphrodisiac.  You won’t be sorry!

Walk Together Holding Hands

Hold hands and take a stroll together for an increased level of intimacy.  People often forget about the sweetness and intimacy in hand holding, so bring it back with full force!  If you are touching each other, it is bound to increase the intimacy you both share.

Send Flirty Texts

In this day and age, we can send each other flirty text messages to show that we care about one another.  Not only does it tell your partner that they’re on your mind, but it also works to build anticipation for the sex act.  Bonus: Text your partner what you want to do him when you see him!  He’ll be revved up for some marathon sex after some naughty texts are exchanged.

Show Them Gratitude

No matter how small of thing that your partner has done for you, always show them that you appreciate everything they do.  If your partner has cooked dinner, did the dishes, washed clothes or simply did something to save you the trouble – say thank you.  If he doesn’t return the favor by showing gratitude, he may just begin to learn from your good example.

Touch Each Other In Public

This goes along with holding hands in public places.  Don’t be fearful of public displays of affection or your partner will sense that in you.  Put your arm around your partner, hold hands and play footsies together.  Never underestimate the power of the human touch in creating an increased level of intimacy.  Besides, sex is all about touching, so when you touch with your clothes on, you both might be able to get revved up for a romp in the bedroom later.

Increasing intimacy with your partner should be on your list of things to do when trying to keep and maintain a healthy relationship.  It’s not brain surgery, but it could help you to grow closer to your partner so that you can build a long lasting, healthy relationship with one another.

Communication is a key ingredient in building intimacy, so be free with your words as long as they are honest and not hurtful.  Communication also leads you to open up about your sexual needs and how your partner can work to better satisfy them.

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