How Obesity Can Affect Your Sex Life


Obesity Can Affect Your Sex Life

Both men and women often lose their body confidence when having sex if they are overweight.  We all want to live happy and healthy lives, but with our busy schedules working and everything else, our health sometimes pays the price.  Getting fast food or frozen processed food at the grocery store seems to have replaced using home grown ingredients in our meals.  As a result, we put on a few extra pounds.  Unfortunately, once bad habits are established, they become very hard to break.  With food, obesity usually is the result and since we put on the weight little by little, we hardly notice when our waistbands get tighter.  By that time, you might feel that there is little to be done to get into better shape, but there is hope.  Obesity can rule your life if you let it, but you can fight to get trimmer and not let being overweight affect your sex life.

The Connection Between Weight And Libido

If you’ve gained weight, then you might not be as confident as you once were when it comes to having sex with your partner.  If you don’t like the way your body looks when you’re naked, you may become too focused on covering yourself and not focused at all on giving or receiving pleasure.  You can be too preoccupied with how your body might jiggle and lose yourself in worrying that your body isn’t attractive enough for your partner’s or your enjoyment.

If you’re really concerned about getting your clothes back on, then you may not have a good time in between the sheets.  If you’re lacking confidence, then you probably don’t feel sexy.  This can lead to you only wanting sex during the night time when you can be assured that your partner won’t see your body entirely.

According to studies, your body mass index can really mess with your sex life.  The hormones affecting your libido can get thrown out of whack when it comes to gaining or losing any amount of body fat.

Even worse is the insecurity that comes with being overweight or obese.  Instead of enjoying sex, you could be too focused on how your partner feels about your body – leaving you not in the mood for sex whatsoever.

Obesity and Sex

Physical attraction definitely plays a role in your sex life and being obese can affect you negatively.  Obese people are viewed differently in society as opposed to people who are fit.  If you’ve grown in size since the beginning of your relationship, your partner may no longer wish to have sexual contact with you.

In this manner, obesity can leave you feeling depressed.  Your sex life is an important aspect of your relationship and not being able to partake in sexual activity may leave you feeling unwanted and unattractive.  If you’re not involved in sex with your partner, you may feel sexually frustrated and unsatisfied.  Physical attraction is all about appearance, so you want to make sure that your body is desirable to others.  If you are unable to maintain a healthy, fit appearance, your partner may lose interest in you completely.

The Sex Lives Of Healthy People

Those people who are good looking, take great care of themselves and workout regularly are the people who are enjoying the best sexual experiences.  When someone finds you attractive, you feel sexy and lose any inhibitions you may have had regarding sexual activity.

It is necessary to keep your body in good shape if you wish to attract a great partner.  When you maintain a healthy physique, your sex life will benefit as a result.  Fit people enjoy healthy sex lives because of the attention they pay to their bodies and overall health.

Studies have shown that people who exercise on a regular basis feel better about their bodies and have an adequate supply of energy for sexual activities.

Working Out Gets You Ready For Sex

When you get your body exercising, it revs it up for sexual activity.  Not only will you feel better about yourself overall, but working out increases sexual sensations quickly.  When you exercise regularly, your body sends blood to your genitals quicker and more intensely whenever you’re involved in sex.

Battle Obesity With Your Diet

In addition to exercise, you can battle obesity with what you put in your cart at the grocery store.  Buying any number of organic foods can have a positive effect on your sex life and can lead to increased libido.  These foods include: asparagus, chocolate, oysters, salmon, strawberries, pomegranates and other foods rich in antioxidants, fatty acids and zinc.  These foods work to boost your mood and increase your libido.

Eating healthy foods can help you to feel better about yourself and your body and will work to boost the level of confidence that you have in yourself.  When you have confidence in your body, you won’t be nervous in the sack or covering yourself when the time comes for sex.

Share Your Body With Your Partner

If you have been too busy being worried about the state of your body to enjoy sex, then you are basically sabotaging your own pleasure.  Women spend too much time focused on their perceived physical flaws and not enough time accepting themselves for what they are.

Instead of focusing too much on what you think is wrong with your body, work to get more comfortable with it.  After showering, walk around your bedroom naked and get comfortable with the way your body looks naked.  This might do wonders in silencing your inner critic and give you the confidence you need to leave your worries behind for mind blowing sex.

The chances are good that your partner hasn’t even noticed the things you dislike most about your body, so stop fretting about it and get down to business.  If you’re preoccupied, you sabotage your chances at reaching orgasm.

If you want an extra boost in getting your partner motivated, invite them to have a workout at the gym with you.  You’ll both see benefits inside the bedroom and out!

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